Our Philosophy

Highly-qualified specialists from France

We are a group of French physicians who practice in the exclusive domain of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Our highly-qualified team has gained and international reputation and renown owing to its surgical performances and technical innovations.

Our mission is to provide care of great quality in conditions of maximum safety. Our sensitivity enables us to obtain natural results that are recognized worldwide which are often expressed as “the French touch”.

Our university-teaching connection

All of the surgeons on our team graduated from the most prestigious medical schools in France and Europe with diplomas in the very strict discipline of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

Their reputation is recognized through numerous research papers in the medical literature and teaching in the most esteemed international congresses and universities.

Our humanitarian commitment in reconstructive surgery

We are also aware of the legitimate needs of people who are victims of conflicts and accidents who are often without resources.

To that end, we have resolved to help relieve their suffering and contribute to the reinstatement in their social milieu.

As reconstructive surgeons above all, we have experience in treating burns, accidents and certain pediatric malformations.

We are close to local NGOs in order to provide our services as a principal activity.