Surgical Scar Revision

Remove unsightly scars quickly and painlessly

The aim of surgical scar revision is to replace a scar of poor quality with a new one that will be more acceptable. The origins of scars can be from trauma or surgery.

A scar can be treated after 18 months to 2 years of evolution. This period is essential to confirm its stability.

Scars can be retractile, ulcerated, enlarged, keloid, adherent, depressed. They can involve any part of the body: face, abdomen, limbs.

In the case of local depigmentation, a medical tattoo is very useful to conceal a scar.

In the majority of the cases, simple excision of the scar and a new suture of good quality will solve the existing problem. An incision line with one or two local plasties could be necessary. Sometimes a skin graft is the only solution.

This surgery can be performed under local anesthesia or sedation or general anesthesia in cases of complex, very long or multiple scars.

Postoperatively, it is useful to use adjuvant care such as adhesive silicone patches (which reduce local redness), reinforced solar protection for one year, massages and lymphatic drainage to soften the tissue.

It will take at least one year before the quality of the revision can be judged.