Nose Job (rhinoplasty)

Nose Job Objective

Implant rhinoplasty, or nose job, corrects the sunken part of the upper nose in order to give it a straighter aspect. This morphological modification can be performed either by the insertion of a silicone implant or by injection of a facial filler. The procedure can be done in Phnom Penh at our cosmetic surgery clinic in BKKI.

Correction by silicone implant

This is a fairly light procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia. A small incision is made inside the nostril in order to create a space for the silicone implant, then the prosthesis is gently inserted to avoid damaging the skin. The shape created by the implant will become stable after one month. The stitches on the small scar inside the nostril will come out on their own after two weeks.

There are two types of implant: either a hard implant which takes longer to integrate but provides a greater and more visible modification, or a more flexible implant which initially exerts less pressure and looks more natural with a less pronounced modification.

Possible complications with implants

  1. Infection of the implant in the immediate postoperative period that will require ablation and antibiotherapy.
  2. Cutaneous damage at the level of the scar with exposure of the implant which was inserted with too much tension requiring ablation.
  3. Keloid on the scar.
  4. Malposition of the implant or displacement following trauma.


When there are no complications, the final result very rapidly provides great satisfaction. When there are complications, the problem can be resolved without sequelae and reinsertion of an implant can be performed 3 to 6 months later with no negative incidence.

Rhinoplasty by injection of facial filler


Rhinoplasty by injection of a facial filler will correct the sunken part of the upper nose. The advantage of this type of procedure is that it is simple and innocuous. This correction must be performed more progressively that by implant because the filler must gradually find its place for precise correction. If too much filler is injected, there is a risk that it will spread and not provide the desired result. In order to avoid this, a very thick hyaluronic acid is used to render the correction more stable and durable.

Correction by injection

Injection is performed during the consultation and the result will be immediate so the patient can see the difference in before-after photos. The procedure is almost painless and a massage adapted to the desired form will be undertaken in the week following the procedure.


The results are often insufficient after the first injection, in particular, compared with those following a silicone implant. However, they can be improved by an additional injection which will gradually create the desired volume and form. It is also possible to improve the results of an implant by injection of hyaluronic acid in the visible junction area or where there is insufficient filling by the implant.


Rhinoplasty (nose job) by implant, by filling, or by an association of both techniques is an excellent procedure owing to the quality and rapidity of the results. It provides a durable result and the combination of both techniques is the best solution to obtain the desired results.