Breast Ptosis or Droop

Redefine the curves of a perfect feminine silhouette

Breast Lift

Breast lift is very often requested because nice breasts are necessary for a feminine silhouette. Breast ptosis is defined as sagging breasts. Correction can often be performed with a simple prosthesis or more often, by breast plasty with the aim to reduce the quantity of breast skin. Sometimes, a prosthesis is associated to obtain more voluminous or shapely breasts.

Breast lift procedures are performed in our plastic surgery clinic in BKKI, Phnom Penh.

The procedure to correct breast ptosis

The physician and the patient define the form and the volume of the desired breasts during the consultation. The incision will either be around the aureola or associated with a vertical incision. However, it is usually necessary to perform a technique with 3 incisions including an incision in the submammary fold.

The procedure lasts between 90 and 120 minutes. An overnight stay in the hospital will be necessary as well as one week of rest. Patients must not do any sports for one month and must wear a surgical bra for one month.

Volume and breast plasty

Sometimes it is necessary to reduce mammary gland in order to reduce the volume of the breasts. Conversely, it is sometimes necessary to insert a prosthesis either to increase the volume or simply to ensure shape and firmness.

The consequences of breast plasty for ptosis

The postoperative period is marked by healing of the scars. Care must be taken to ensure that they become almost invisible. For that, they must be massaged and compressed with silicone patches. Patients can have normal pregnancies and breast feed. Their breasts can be monitored for breast cancer.


This is a rapid and safe procedure that transforms patient silhouettes and often their personalities as well. It creates scars that will disappear with time.