Buttocks Treatment

Cosmetic body treatments for the perfect silhouette

Attractive buttocks are an integral part of femininity. With age or weight loss, the buttocks can lose their shape and sag or flatten. In order to make buttocks shapely again, it is possible to inject the patient’s upper buttocks with her own fat (lipofilling).

This procedure is performed in an operating room under general anesthesia and consists in harvesting fat, centrifuging or filtering it, and injecting it in the buttocks according to the Coleman technique. There are no rejection problems but it can sometimes require two procedures to obtain sufficient volume.

Another technique consists in inserting a buttock implant or prosthesis. The implant is inserted in the buttock muscle under general anesthesia and requires several days of hospitalization.

Along with these two volume-increasing techniques, a buttock lift can also be performed. The aim is to redesign the fold under the buttocks and provide the buttocks with support.

The procedure consists in resecting a section of skin and fat under the fold, then reshaping it with deep stitches in order to give the buttocks an attractive roundness.