Arm & Thigh Lifts

Cosmetic body treatments for the perfect silhouette

Brachioplasty, or reshaping of the under portion of the upper arm, restores a harmonious form to one’s arm where the thin skin sags with time or in cases of major weight loss.

The aim of this procedure is to reduce excess fat by liposuction, eliminate cutaneous excess, redrape the skin and restore a harmonious curve to the arm.

The scar will be concealed on the inner side of the arm.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and requires a one-night stay in the hospital.

The skin inside the thighs deteriorates and sags in the same manner as the inner arms for the same reasons – often leading to aesthetic discomfort as well as physical discomfort by friction when one walks.

Both arm and thigh lifts can be performed at the same time.