Cosmetic Peels

Turn back the clock with a healthy, more youthful appearance

Chemical peel is a cosmetic dermatology treatment that consists in stimulating cutaneous regeneration thanks to the application of exfoliative agents.

Chemical peel eliminates the outermost layers of the skin and thereby improves the quality of the skin. The aims of chemical peel are:

  • To purify the skin and reduce dilated pores.
  • To improve skin texture.
  • To unify color, provide luminosity and reduce skin imperfections.
  • To lighten and reduce pigmented lesions.
  • To reduce acne and improve scar healing.
  • To fight the effects of aging by decreasing wrinkles and improving firmness.

Chemical peel can be graded on three levels depending on the depth of their action:

  • Superficial: unifies color by making it brighter with little or no desquamation.
  • Medium: more desquamation that lasts for approximately one week. The epidermis is completely renewed.
  • Deep: greater desquamation but the improvement is even more spectacular.

The side effects are mainly the possibility of hyperpigmentation linked to solar exposure. To avoid this complication, patients should be forewarned before and after the procedure. The immediate and progressive results can therefore be evaluated in a controlled and safe manner.